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My brother (he served and is wounded) and I are putting together an event to help the Wounded Warrior Project. If all goes well, it will be a yearly event. Please help us make that happen. If you can sponsor us or know someone who can, please let us know. If you are in the area, please join us!


My awesomely rad friends. Check them out here

Andy D & V

My awesomely rad friends. Check them out here

I Love to Explore

On the Job


Enjoy the View

Light the Path

Through the Trees

In the Distance

Beyond the Shadows

Sit for a Spell










Historical Sights


Bridge with a Nice Sunset


Keeping an Eye Out


Enter If You Dare


Bell Tower








One with Nature

I read the challenge and this picture immediately came to mind. I know that I have more and I’ll share when I have a little more time to sift and sort. This was accidental. I was photographing the light through the trees in my backyard. The only way to get the angle that I truly desired was through the window. After the playback, I realized that my face merged with the tree. I was impressed. So, I tried to create more. I liked this one as well.


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Out and About

Capture the Light


Magic 8 Sky Ball

Love This Fountain

Great View

Seems Legit

Fishing Pole

Winnie the Pooh?









On The Go

Colorful Sunset

Sky Love

Weird Moth


Nice Reflection

Beautiful Day













Blending In

A Flower with a Secret

Who Are You?

Does she see me?

Color Change

Just a leaf